Get the most out of your Merchant Account for Card Payments

Get the most out of your Merchant Account for Card Payments

Here’s our 6 tips to help ensure you are getting the best possible service.

Tip #1 Real-time reporting – ask your provider for real-time reporting of your customer transactions. You can then log in to view, analyse and manage your card transactions as they happen.

Tip #2 Mobile payments – with the arrival of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay, your customers now have new means to make payments. Check your provider can support these payment options.

Tip #3 Shop around for rates – check you are getting the best rate possible from your provider. You can also check if your provider does the all the necessary support services in-house (such as acquiring, gateway provision and processing), or whether these have to be passed on to a third party.

Tip #4 Access to Alipay – Alipay is now one of the largest payment platforms in the world and is very popular with Chinese tourists coming to Europe. Check your provider can support this payment option.

A happy eCOMM merchant.

Tip # 5 Data to suit you – if integrating card transactions with your own systems, check your provider has the flexibility to give you data in the form you require (e.g. via API), rather than giving you just their standard format.

Tip #6 Answers to questions – ask your provider what happens if you have a question about your terminal, or if you wish to speak to someone outside of normal business hours.

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